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#1. Modern farm tools make work ______ on the farm.

#2. The following are factors that can affect the process in making compose manure?

#3. The substance added to the soil to improve its fertility for crops growth is called ______.

#4. All these are types of farming activities except ______.

#5. The most important contribution of agriculture to mankind are the following except ______.

#6. ______ can be used to control weeds.

#7. ______ is the art of cultivating a land and rearing of animals for man's consumption.

#8. ______ is an artificial provision of water for the soil and crops.

#9. One of these is a way of making soil fertile except ______.

#10. Excessive use of chemical can ______ the crops.

#11. The first thing a farmer should do before planting crops is ______.

#12. ______ is an unwanted grass growing among crops.

#13. Why do we preserve our farm produce?

#14. Agriculture can be best described as planting of crops and ______ of animals.

#15. ______ is the soil used for planting crops.

#16. Cutlass and hoes are examples of simple ______ tools.

#17. ______ is an ornamental crop.

#18. ______ is the upper most layers of the earth on which plants grow.

#19. The mixture of rotten animals dung, dried plants, water and ashes is called ______.

#20. A doctor who looks after pets and animals is called ______.




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