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#1. Which of the these agriculture products can be used for clothing?

#2. Animal houses are necessary except for one of answer's below.

#3. The balanced ratio for young chicken are grounded yellow maize, fish meal and ______.

#4. The covering of the surface of the soil or heaps or ridges with dry leaf or dry grasses during the dry season is known as

#5. ______ and ______ are used for transportation of farm product across the desert.

#6. Which of the following is not an agricultural activity?

#7. Farm records are daily records of what a ______ does on the farm.

#8. A balanced diet is essential for the proper ______ and ______ of young animals.

#9. Farm animals can be classified based on mode of feeding, where they live, and ______.

#10. One of the most important contribution of Agriculture to mankind is ______.

#11. Livestock production are called farm animal or animal ______.

#12. ______ can be mixed in different proportion for a balance ratio.

#13. The following are examples of poultry except one.

#14. A farmer who farms to feed his family is called a ______ farmer.

#15. Leather is obtained from animals ______.

#16. Example of animals with complex stomach is ______.

#17. Constant supply of clean cool water in needed by growing animals, for food digestion process and ______.

#18. Agriculture could be defined as the

#19. Veterinary doctor should visit the farmhouse

#20. Land clearing and stumping is a ______ activity.






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