Basic Science and Technology Upper Primary Quiz Part 1



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#1. One of these appliances use sound and light energy.

#2. What is technology?

#3. Burning of paper is _______ change.

#4. All these are sensory organs except _______.

#5. What can be use to remove iron filling from sand?

#6. Friction can be reduced by applying _______.

#7. Easy communication and internet banking are some of the use of ICT.

#8. We can purify our water by _______.

#9. What is the meaning of GSM?

#10. The breaking down of food particles into small units for body use is called _______.

#11. The meal that contains all the classes of food in the proportion is called _______.

#12. _______ is very important for healthy bones and teeth.

#13. Example of water soluble substance is _______.

#14. _______ are plants that grow where they are not wanted.

#15. The transfer of pollen grains from one to another flowers is called _______.

#16. The liquid substance in the thermometer is called _______.

#17. _______ is the degree of hotness and coldness.

#18. Which of these is not a factor affecting weather?

#19. Kwashiorkor is caused by severe deficiency of _______.

#20. The type of energy we obtained from the sun is called _______.



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