Christian Religious studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 3 Part 1

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#1. Abraham was referred to as father of ________.

#2. Jesus is the ________ to the father.

#3. Jesus Christ is coming back for the ________ time.

#4. The ascension of the faithful Christian on the last day is called ________.

#5. An example of unselfish love is ________?

#6. As Christians, we must show ________ to others around us.

#7. Who sold his birthright for food in the Bible?

#8. ________ means giving food items to the needy.

#9. What is the prayer Jesus taught His disciples?

#10. We can show hospitality by ________.

#11. One of the ways to prepare for Jesus Christ second coming is to be ________.

#12. Who raised Lasarus from death?

#13. God promised to make Abraham the ________ of all nations.

#14. Who is the savior of the world?

#15. Ascension means ________.

#16. Bread of life that Jesus mentioned represents ________.

#17. A good shepherd is ready to lay down his ________ for his sheep.

#18. Who is the Prince of Peace?

#19. Who ascended to heaven after his resurrection?

#20. God asked ________ to sacrifice his Son.




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