Christian Religious studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1



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#1. The condition necessary for forgiveness of sin is ______.

#2. David used ______ to kill Goliath?

#3. Pardon by God means ______.

#4. Honour your father and mother, that your days may be ______.

#5. We must ______ God whenever He instructed us to do certain things.

#6. Who betrayed Jesus among the disciples?

#7. Being a Christian signifies that we are the ______ of God.

#8. One of the benefit of the presence of Jesus with us is ______.

#9. Jesus died to save us from ______.

#10. The only son of Abraham was ______.

#11. The prodigal son begged for ______.

#12. Who was referred to as the father of faith and friend of God?

#13. Jesus resurrected on the ______ day after his death.

#14. Jesus told ______ that he must be born again.

#15. Who was the favourite son of Jacob?

#16. The Israelites were fed with ______ in the wilderness.

#17. Jesus was brought before ______ to be judged.

#18. Samuel ministered under ______ when God called him.

#19. Obedience to God's commandments brings ______ to us.

#20. Who led the Isrealites out of Egypt?




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