Christian Religious studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 5 Part 1

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#1. The Holy Spirit makes us to _______ one another.

#2. The Holy Spirit fell on the apostles on the day of _______.

#3. What is Abraham sacrifice instead of Issac?

#4. All these type of good work except _______.

#5. Daniel was thrown in the _______.

#6. The Holy Spirit is also called _______.

#7. Jesus was baptized in the river _______.

#8. God rested on the _______ day.

#9. The _______ followed the stars to where Christ was born.

#10. The Bible says that there is no food for a _______ man.

#11. Who provides for all our needs?

#12. Jesus said, "ask and it shall be _______to you".

#13. God expects us to be _______.

#14. Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into _______.

#15. The Holy Spirit guides us to the _______.

#16. God created man in his own _______.

#17. We should love our enemies and _______ for them.

#18. Which of these does not attract a punishment?

#19. God's creation are for _______ interest.

#20. Who created heaven and earth?




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