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#1. Before the convention of Paul, he was highly involved in the _______ of the christians.

#2. Paul said that anyone who would not work, should not _______.

#3. The word came out as they were _______.

#4. One of the intellectual work is _______.

#5. Another name for career is _______.

#6. The Bible condemns alcoholism because it is a _______.

#7. As Christians we are to live in _______ with our society.

#8. Who translated the English Bible to Yoruba?

#9. One of the following is a career.

#10. Paul, during his second missionary journey met a couple whose names are _______.

#11. Who among the following was taken away as a slave?

#12. Hard work can be advantages in the following except _______.

#13. The institution originated and established by God is _______.

#14. We inherited the original sin from _______ and _______.

#15. Paul was born in a city called _______.

#16. Which of the following is a good way of making money?

#17. These are examples of career except _______.

#18. Paul was born in a city called _______.

#19. Goal setting helps us to achieve _______.

#20. The act of making a choice from alternative causes of action is _______.

#21. Paul also advised man to _______ their wives.

#22. One of the following is not an indigenous Church.

#23. Which of the following is not a good way of making money?

#24. The act of controlling our behaviour so that we keep actions, feelings and habits within reasonable limits is _______.

#25. If a person desires or needs something but cannot afford it, he should _______.

#26. Jesus was tempted _______ times by the devil.

#27. Goal setting helps us to achieve _______.

#28. Hard work makes one _______.

#29. Paul was trained by a lawyer called _______.

#30. The process of choosing leaders by vote is called _______.

#31. Who arrested Paul on his way to Damascus?

#32. Paul and _______ were separated for mission work.

#33. There are mainly _______ types of goals.

#34. The feeling of wanting to do something even though you should really avoid it is _______.

#35. Goal setting helps to _______.

#36. The love of money could lead to _______.

#37. A person is _______ when he has work to do.

#38. One of the followings were separated for missionary work _______.

#39. A person is _______ when he has no work to do.

#40. The early Christian missionaries built all these except _______.

#41. Moderation means not _______.

#42. The head of the church is _______.

#43. The desire to do something wrong or immoral is called _______.

#44. _______ setting is the guide to achieve one's plan.

#45. Who prayed for Saul to regain his sight?

#46. Paul raised the dead at _______.

#47. What a person hopes to achieve is referred to as a _______.

#48. Miracles work hand in hand with _______.

#49. Missionary works need _______.

#50. The love of money is the root of _______.




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