Computer Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1



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#1. _______ is used to click or double click on the monitor.

#2. CD is a short form of _______.

#3. Spacebar can be found on the _______.

#4. An example of operating system is _______.

#5. _______ is the part of computer system that can be seen and touch.

#6. There are _______ types of computer cable.

#7. Compact disk and flash drive are the example of storage devices.

#8. _______, _______ and _______ are parts of the computer system.

#9. The full meaning of ROM is _______.

#10. The following are the sources of information except _______.

#11. The components of computer system are hardware, software and _______.

#12. Application software and _______ are the two types of computer software.

#13. Keyboard is used for _______ letter and members into the computer.

#14. Another name for monitor is _______.

#15. One of these is an output device.

#16. Hardware components of the computer system include the the following except _______.

#17. An electronic device that can accept data, process it and give out information as output is known as _______.

#18. The short form of Random Access Memory is _______.

#19. _______ are raw or unprocessed facts.

#20. Computer software is a _______ given to computer to make it function.




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