Computer Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 6 Part 1

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#1. The process of switching on of the computer system is called ______.

#2. Data can be defined as

#3. WWW means

#4. Which of these is a word processing software?

#5. The computer network that covers a geographical small area is known as ______.

#6. ______ is a connection of two or more computers.

#7. Word processor is used to perform the following except ______.

#8. ______ is a part of computer system used to check, drag and drop text.

#9. A computer program is a complete set of ______.

#10. ______ is an example of hardware.

#11. In Microsoft word, tool bar "U" stand for ______.

#12. An example of analogue computer is ______.

#13. In the computer world, PC means ______.

#14. The rules of communication that must be observed by the computer in the network are called ______.

#15. The biggest and fastest type of computer is

#16. The following are elements of the screen except ______.

#17. We need the service of ______ when our computer are faulty.

#18. Double clicking the mouse means ______.

#19. The full meaning of WAN is ______.

#20. ______ is used to play games.





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