Cultural and Creative Arts Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1



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#1. The definition of art involves creativity of mind and ______.

#2. One of these is an important and creativity in art.

#3. Gangan and agogo is commonly used among ______ tribes.

#4. ______ songs and dance are those used to welcome new born babies.

#5. The popular festival in Lagos is ______.

#6. ______ and ______ are types of drama.

#7. Oja flutes are used by ______ to communicate their findings, approaching of danger and victory achievement.

#8. The sound producing objects that accompany music production is called ______.

#9. ______ scenes is an experience drawn from the local community.

#10. Flute is ______ musical instrument.

#11. Stage play is dramatised in the ______.

#12. The local musical instruments that produces sound by striking is called ______.

#13. The act of making play is called ______.

#14. The component of body movement in dance is one of these except ______.

#15. Designs for decorations can be created with ______.

#16. Creative drama is ______.

#17. The movement of the body to the rhythm of a piece of music is called ______.

#18. Ekwe is a musical instrument used for funeral rites or during musical entertainment in ______ Nigeria.

#19. A person who entertains people with music is called a/an ______.

#20. One of these type is a foreign musical instrument.




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