Cultural and Creative Arts Exam Test Quiz Primary 5 Part 1

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Last Updated on July 31, 2021 by Quizzes

Last Updated on July 31, 2021 by Quizzes

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#1. Modelling with paper pulp is known as _______.

#2. Basic material needed for modeling with paper pulp is _______.

#3. Ekpe mask is popular among the people of _______.

#4. A popular fishing festival in Kebbi is known as _______.

#5. Eyo masquerades are commonly seen during special occasions in _______.

#6. _______ is used to beauty the body.

#7. The person who delivers that king's message to the villagers is called _______.

#8. Why is it necessary to cut the papers into smaller bits before soaking in water?

#9. Example of musical instrument is _______.

#10. Music is a combination of _______ pleasant to the ear.

#11. The followings are the examples of traditional dresses except one _______.

#12. Art Works can be made more beautiful through _______.

#13. Traditional embroidery is done by _______.

#14. Art materials must be kept neatly _______.

#15. Dancing, food, language and dressing are aspect of _______.

#16. Picture making by stitching pieces of hard objects of bright colours to a wet background is known as _______.

#17. Demonstrative body movements to rhythm of music is called _______.

#18. The main occupation of the people in a riverine area is _______.

#19. A type of drama that makes people laugh is called _______.

#20. The town where Calabash carving is most popular is _______.




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