Cultural and Creative Arts Exam Test Quiz Primary 6 Part 1

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#1. The special artist chair for drawing in the studio is called _____ chair.

#2. Two chemicals that are used along with dye stuff are _____ and _____.

#3. _____ can be defined as portraying objects in colour.

#4. One of these is not an element of drama.

#5. Line, colour, space, mass, lights and shade are elements of _____.

#6. The act of using animation in a film is called _____.

#7. A space or place in which an action could be performed for a particular people to watch is called _____.

#8. The drawing of a scene that comes to mind is regarded as _____.

#9. All these materials can resist dye in a fabric except _____.

#10. Natural disaster in the world is _____.

#11. Line can be used for the following except _____.

#12. Beads are often used for all these except _____.

#13. Tie and dye is a way of designing clothes.

#14. Eyo masquerades are commonly seen during special occasion in which of the following states.

#15. Communication in a general sense is the act of passing on _____.

#16. Coal mining state are _____.

#17. A method of creating patterns on fabric by applying wax to area of the cloth is _____.

#18. Drawing made from a man-made or created by human being is known as _____.

#19. People in the riverine area are known for _____.

#20. A serious play with sad ending is referred to as _____.

#21. All are parts of choir except _____.

#22. All these are natural resources in Nigeria except _____.

#23. _____ involves making pictures with pen and pencil.

#24. Fine art comprises of drawing, sculpture and _____.

#25. The elements of drama include the following except _____.

#26. Fine Art comprises of drawing, sculpture and _____.

#27. Which of the following method is not used for making tie and dye?

#28. The Nigerian Nation Symbols are officially designed to promote _____.

#29. Drawing of plants and animals is regard as _____ drawing.

#30. Still life drawing involves the drawing of _____.

#31. Rhyme means movement in _____.

#32. Drama is a means of _____.

#33. Loyalty to one's country means _____.

#34. _____ includes modelling, carving, constructing, arranging with emphasis on the relationship of form, space and line.

#35. The mixture of soaking newsprint and starch is called _____.

#36. The process of drawing the human figure from observation of mode is known as _____.

#37. A form of drama that make people to laugh is called _____.

#38. Which of these materials can be used for making body ornament?

#39. Music is a very _____ tool in the life of people.

#40. Which of these material is used for making ceramic tile?

#41. The act of using line to represent the image of an object on a paper is known as _____.

#42. These experiences can be composed except _____.

#43. Who among the following does not perform on stage?

#44. _____ is a group of people who have gathered together to watch a drama.

#45. The use of waste materials to make useful products is known as _____.

#46. The process of changing the original colour of a fabric to another is

#47. Which of the following is used for making paper mache?

#48. Red colour symbolizes _____.

#49. _____ believes that he must worship the supreme being, so as to get the good things of life.

#50. Which of the following is craft work?




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