Cultural and Creative Arts – Meaning and Types of Drawing Upper Primary Quizzes



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#1. Still life drawing is the drawing of living things.

#2. Landscape drawing is the drawing of our ________. 

#3. Landscape drawing is the drawing from part of our environment. 

#4. Still life drawing is the drawing of ________. 

#5. Natural objects is the drawing of cup and plate.

#6. ______ are drawing of man - made objects.

#7. ______ are used for drawing except.

#8. ______ is called creative drawing.

#9. ______ is drawing of natural objects that are not man made objects. 

#10. ______ is the drawing of the natural features our environment. 

#11. ______ is the drawing of human beings and other living things.

#12. ______ is the act of making pictures of living and non - living things on drawing papers, cardboards, etc. 

#13. Landscape drawing is known as ______. 

#14. ______ are goods examples of landscape drawing except.

#15. ______ is a form of visual art.

#16. Imaginative drawing is a drawing from ______.

#17. The drawing of a trees is an example of ______.

#18. The drawing of a cup is an example of ______.

#19. Life drawing is the of non living.

#20. Life drawing is the drawing of ________.




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