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#1. ______ stitches add more beauty to address.

#2. We use ______ to practice cutting patterns in sewing.

#3. To avoid ______ in the kitchen, all sharp object must be handle with care.

#4. Temporary stitches is an example of ______.

#5. The ______ rooms is a relaxation centre for the visitor.

#6. Decorative stitches is the ______ work of ornamenting fabrics with needle work.

#7. These are sewing equipment except ______.

#8. All these of washing and ironing of clothes is called ______.

#9. ______ is an example of factors influencing the choice of personal belongings.

#10. Which of these is not useful in knitting?

#11. The following can be used as filling the sandwiches except ______.

#12. Using correct tools make sewing work ______.

#13. We put ______ on our fingers tip to make the using of needle easier for us.

#14. Beans and eggs are good examples of ______ food.

#15. The act of washing and ironing of clothes is called ______.

#16. ______ is the food taken between meals.

#17. Personal belongings are to be kept in ______.

#18. Fruit juice prevent diseases against our body.

#19. The method of keeping food for future consumption is called ______.

#20. The breaking down of food substances in the body is called ______.




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