Islamic Religious Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1

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#1. Which of the following is characteristic of angel?

#2. Islam teaches _______.

#3. What is the unforgivable sin before Allah?

#4. Suratul Qodr means _______.

#5. The following were Prophet Muhammad's children except _______.

#6. These are _______ famous revealed books.

#7. Ayatul Kursiyy is a verse known for _______.

#8. "Alladhi jama'a maalan wa'addadah", this verse can be found in suratul _______.

#9. Muslim faces _______ while praying.

#10. Ayatul Kursiyy means _______.

#11. Prophet Muhammad established muslim _______ in Madinah.

#12. "Wadduhaa" in Suratul - Duhaa means _______.

#13. The following are scared book except _______.

#14. The journey from Makkah to Madinah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is known as _______.

#15. _______ is the last letter of Arabic alphabet.

#16. Complete this verse "Wa haadhal baladil _______".

#17. Which of the following is an other name of Suratul Fatihah?

#18. Those who practices shirk are known as _______.

#19. Faraid means _______.

#20. Al-khamru means _______.




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