Islamic Religious Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 6 Part 1

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#1. The first pillar in Islam is ______.

#2. Which of these pillars of Islam is meant for the Muslim riches only?

#3. Baadi is for after which qabli is ______.

#4. Salat teaches us to be ______.

#5. The main theme of Suratul Ikhlas is ______.

#6. Who among the following do not collect Zakat?

#7. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was nick named as ______.

#8. Uthman Dan Fodio fought the ______.

#9. Who among the following is not Sunni Iman?

#10. Salat Safar can also be called ______.

#11. Hajj is the ______ pillar in Islam.

#12. Zakat is the ______ pillar in Islam.

#13. The right of the parents is to give their children ______.

#14. Quran 17 verse 23 teaches us to be ______ to our parent.

#15. One of the following is not among the famous Nigerian Muslim?

#16. Complete the following " Wara'aitan naasa yadkhuluuna fii diinillahi ______".

#17. The percentage of Zakat in a wealth is ______.

#18. Which town was known as Yathrib before Hijrah?

#19. What name of Allah teaches patience?

#20. Suratul Zizilah is the ______ chapter of Holy Quran.

#21. The faraid aspect of Salat is ______.




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