Physical and Health Education (PHE) Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1

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#1. Lassa fever can be caused by _______ infestation.

#2. Ability to live a full and balanced life is _______.

#3. We do sport to _______ the body.

#4. The _______ pumps blood to all parts of the body.

#5. _______ is one of the skills in playing hockey.

#6. _______ is the act of taking care of our body to remain healthy.

#7. _______ can spread rapidly in an unclean environment.

#8. Which of these bodies are in charge of waste disposal in Lagos State?

#9. The skeletons support _______.

#10. The first treatment given to an injured person before the arrival of a doctor is called _______.

#11. Bat is used to playing _______.

#12. _______ and _______ are the activities done with apparatus.

#13. _______ is not an indoor game.

#14. Community wellness efforts can be in the form of building a _______ centre as a project.

#15. A team in the game of official, standard football match is made up of _______ players.

#16. _______ is an example of pathogen.

#17. An act of taken drugs without prescription is called _______.

#18. _______ is a sense of taste.

#19. What do we exchange in a relay race?

#20. We can apply _______ to fresh cut or wound to dry it up quickly.




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