Physical and Health Education Exam Test Quiz Primary 6 Part 1

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#1. An official who directs the affairs of a football match is known as ______.

#2. The two methods of baton exchange are ______.

#3. An example of track event is ______.

#4. Energy lost during running or hard work can be regained through ______.

#5. ______ means to have a good state of mind, which will have positive effects on one's behaviour and attitude.

#6. Snake bites often leads to ______ unless treated in time.

#7. ______ mineral which is needed for strong bone and teeth.

#8. The most popular and common event of athlete are ______ and ______.

#9. The outer layer of the body is called ______.

#10. The values that promotes good friendship include ______ except.

#11. The breaking down of food in the body is known as ______.

#12. ______ health is the way one relates and behave in a society.

#13. For proper functioning of the heart and other organs in the body, we need to ______.

#14. The pumping organ in the body is ______.

#15. ______ is the main organ that controls the body.

#16. ______ is a high jump equipment.

#17. Immunization protects the body against ______.

#18. ______ system deals with the elimination of waste materials in the body.

#19. Hurdle involve running and ______ during the course of the event.

#20. Early life exposure to drug can lead to ______.





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