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#1. Pedestrian uses _______ to cross the roads.

#2. How many States and Capital do we have in Nigeria?

#3. How many local government do we have in Lagos State?

#4. The members of the extended family _______ each other.

#5. My father's sister is my _______.

#6. One of this is a voluntary organization.

#7. We can find _______ in the first aid box.

#8. Cocaine and heroine are examples of _______ drugs.

#9. Moral lesson should be given to the member of the family to avoid _______.

#10. Islamic marriage is carried out in the _______.

#11. The following are herbal drugs except _______.

#12. The head of the family must be _______.

#13. Drug abusers should be taken to _______.

#14. The intake of drugs without doctor's advice is called _______.

#15. The government agencies that enforce law and order in our community is _______.




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