Social Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 4 Part 1

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#1. ______ is the slogan for Lagos State.

#2. Keeping money and other valuables until they are needed is known as ______.

#3. ______ is a family made up of father, mother and children.

#4. The current president of USA is ______.

#5. The work that one does to earn a living is as known as ______.

#6. The problem of agriculture is ______.

#7. Raw materials available in Nigeria are these except ______.

#8. The present deputy governor of Lagos State is ______.

#9. Goods brought into our country is known as ______ goods.

#10. When one has no work to do is known as ______.

#11. The motto of Lagos State as seen in the state coat of arm is ______.

#12. Nigeria flag was designed by ______.

#13. Nigeria became a Republic in the year ______.

#14. One of the goods that cannot be exported is ______.

#15. The green colour of Nigerian flag represents ______ when the white colour represents ______.

#16. The child of your uncle your ______.

#17. ______ is the production of cash and food crops.

#18. ______ is the act of being a legal member of a particular country.

#19. The types of government in Nigeria are ______, state and local government.

#20. Who is the incumbent president of Nigeria?




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