Social Studies Exam Test Quiz Primary 5 Part 1

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#1. The bank responsible for given of loan to people is known as _______.

#2. National consciousness involves the following except _______.

#3. All these are problems of unemployment except _______.

#4. The total number of people living in a geographical are is known as _______.

#5. Which of these is a modern way of saving money?

#6. Child's right law include the right to _______.

#7. The national symbol of Nigeria is _______.

#8. The money used to setup a business is known as _______

#9. Unity means _______.

#10. Putting money aside for future use can be referred to as _______.

#11. All of the following are electronic communication devices except _______.

#12. A marriage performed according to the custom of the people is called _______.

#13. The three main languages in Nigeria are _______, _______ and _______.

#14. HIV means _______.

#15. The inability to accept other people's religion is known as _______.

#16. The right to express one's mind in public is known as _______.

#17. Intolerance in one of the problems of religion.

#18. It is the duty of the _______ to provide for the needs of their children.

#19. Diversity is said to _______.

#20. All these are causes of marriage failure except _______.




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