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#1. NIMC's MWS Mobile ID App is handy because

NIMC’s MWS Mobile ID App can be downloaded and installed on Android as well as iOS smartphones. The app allows for identification and verification on the go. You can also use it to print out the Improved NIN Slip.

#2. If you can't remember your NIN, get your phone and

NIMC’s USSD service enables you to retrieve your NIN conveniently using your mobile phone by dialing *346#.

#3. The NIMC is pronounced as

#4. It's February 2022, the current Director General and CEO of NIMC is

Engineer Aliyu Aziz Abubakar is currently the Director General/CEO of NIMC.

#5. What is the Virtual NIN?

The Virtual NIN is a tokenized version of a person’s actual NIN, gotten from the MWS Mobile ID app, which another party verifying the number cannot retain and use in a way that puts the individual’s data privacy at risk.

#6. NIMS stands for

#7. Before enrolling with NIMC, you need to obtain an Enrolment Form by paying

NIMC’s Enrolment Form is free and can also be downloaded from the Commission’s website.

#8. What is the National Identification Number (NIN) used for?

The NIN is used to tie all records about an individual into the National Identity Database and is also used as a valid means of establishing or verifying an individual’s identity.

#9. NIMC is targeting the enrolment of the Nigerian diaspora in countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Switzerland and Liberia.

NIMC currently has partners set to enrol Nigerians in Cambodia, Malaysia, Switzerland and Liberia among other countries worldwide, so they can also acquire their National Identification Numbers.

#10. Some features of the Improved NIN Slip are that

You can print out and even laminate your Improved NIN Slip in plastic now and keep it as a handy physical means of identification which fits easily into your pocket, purse or wallet.

The QR code on the Slip makes it easy for its authenticity to be verified by other people scanning it using the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app on on their phones.

#11. NIN is an acronym of

#12. How do you verify someone's Improved NIN Slip or mobile ID shown to you is not fake?

Just use the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app to scan the QR code on the person’s Improved NIN Slip or mobile ID. It should be verified by NIMC in seconds with the person’s photo and basic details appearing on your phone.

#13. The European Union's "wallet" app is meant to serve as

The European Union is joining a growing group of countries including Nigeria which are looking into the benefits of using mobile ID apps.

#14. The National Identification Number (NIN), Bank Verification Number (BVN), Nigerian Passport and Driver's License are all the same thing.


The NIN provides a common access point linking the BVN, Nigerian Passoprt and Driver’s License securely to an individual’s foundational, verified identification details.

#15. Can babies be enrolled for NIN?

Enrolment of infants for NIN can be done right from age 0. Infants have their NINs linked to their parents’ NIN.