Basic Science and Technology Exam Test Quiz Primary 5 Part 1

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#1. To avoid diseases and sickness our surroundings must be kept _______.

#2. _______ is the release of poisonous substance that causes harm to the living things.

#3. Substance that cause pollution are _______.

#4. _______ is a drawing instrument.

#5. W. H. O means _______.

#6. Those organisms that depends on another organism for survival are called _______.

#7. Materials needed for making simple articles are _______ and _______.

#8. The instrument used in measuring wind direction is called _______.

#9. Which of these is an example of an acid?

#10. The following are form of energy except _______.

#11. The animals that feed on flesh alone are called _______.

#12. Tiles come in different _______ and _______.

#13. Papers are obtained from _______.

#14. Sewing is joining of two pieces of _______ together.

#15. Water is a solvent which is also called _______.

#16. Maintenance make our equipment last _______.

#17. The bones of the fingers and toes are called _______.

#18. _______ is anything that has weight and occupies space.

#19. The chemical that can be obtained from lemon for soap preparation is called _______.

#20. Red blood cell can also be called _______.

#21. All these are example of pet except _______.

#22. The removal of waste products from the body is called _______.

#23. Acid turns blue litmus paper to _______.

#24. The transfer of pollen grains from another to stigma is known as _______.

#25. _______ is used to measure body temperature.

#26. Which of the following elements must be supplied in our food and diet for strong and healthy bone?

#27. Good and accurate drawings are made possible through the use of _______.

#28. Hard solid that form part of the surface of the earth is called _______.

#29. These are causes of erosion except _______.

#30. _______ and _______ are the insects that makes insect pollination occur.

#31. There are two types of waste, they are _______ and _______.

#32. Water freezes at 32°F or 0° and boils at _______.

#33. The framework of bones in human body is referred to as _______.

#34. The sweat liquid in a flower is called _______.

#35. A place where two or more bones meets is called _______.

#36. We can purify impure water by _______.

#37. _______ can be the effect of improper waste disposal.

#38. Which of the following is not a components of blood?

#39. The removal of the top layer of the soil is called _______.

#40. Cooking is the process of _______ food for eating.

#41. Which of these is not used for making home made furniture polish _______.

#42. Domestic animals lives in the _______.

#43. Ball and socket joint can be found in the _______.

#44. Good maintenance prevents metals from _______.

#45. Rats and rodents can cause _______.

#46. Poor quality environment can attract _______.

#47. The waste water carried away through underground tunnel from house is called _______.

#48. The arrangement of a dry cell, wire and bulb to give light is _______.

#49. Recycling means _______.

#50. One of the changes caused by man's activities in our environment that affect us is _______.



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