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#1. ______ and ______ are the two ends of a laboratory magnet.

#2. Drug taken without the doctor advice and directive is called

#3. The process by which green plants makes their own food in presence of sunlight is called ______.

#4. A simple machine with string surface used to rise or lower an object over a vertical height is called ______.

#5. The two ends of magnet are known as ______ and ______.

#6. The blood vessels that carry blood from other parts of the body to the heart are called ______.

#7. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon, it is

#8. All these are water projects in Nigeria except ______.

#9. Which of the following is an example of good conductor of electricity?

#10. The rotation of the Earth on its Axis causes ______.

#11. Iron filling can be separate from sand through the use of ______.

#12. With modern drawing instrument, drawing becomes standard and

#13. Illegal use of drug is called ______.

#14. The force which tends to pull objects thrown - up to itself is called ______.

#15. The three primary colours are blue, yellow and

#16. Environmental beauty can further be enhanced by ______.

#17. The path along which a planet travels around the sun is

#18. The study of nature and all the things around is called ______.

#19. Animals that feed on plants only are

#20. Modern drawing instruments make drawing to be standard and ______.

#21. The union of an ovum and sperm is called ______.

#22. Another name for a magnet is ______.

#23. The smallest and the closed planet to the sun is the

#24. The use of engine oil and grease in motor vehicle is to ______.

#25. The removal of waste products from the body of an animal is called ______.

#26. Parents that are carefree about their children are termed ______ parents.

#27. Movement occurs when a ______ is applied on an object.

#28. Air has weight, exerts pressure and ______ space.

#29. The two types of pollination are ______ and ______.

#30. Which of the following statement is not true about air?

#31. Over exploitation of mineral resources can lead to the following except

#32. Excess of exploitation of mineral resources in a community can lead to ______.

#33. The planets are the bodies that moves round the sun is known as

#34. Which of the following will not be prevent erosion?

#35. The application of either manure, animal dropping or fertilizer

#36. Predictive, preventive and ______ are the three type of maintenance.

#37. Friction can be reduced by applying ______.

#38. The process by which the blood moves round all the parts of the body is known as ______.

#39. One of the characteristics of living things is the ability to

#40. Rules and regulation put in place to prevent accident or injuries are called ______.

#41. Natural gas include all of these except ______.

#42. ______ and ______ are the two ends of a laboratory magnet.

#43. ______ and ______ are the categories of drug.

#44. The functions of the heart is to

#45. With modern day technology, floor mats are also spread inside motor vehicle for ______ and protection purpose.

#46. A state or period when a person is fully grown or developed is called

#47. A long bar used for lifting or moving heavy things from one place to another is called ______.

#48. Another name for white blood cell is ______.

#49. Scientists who study the weather conditions of a place are known as ______.

#50. Which of the following is not a simple machine?



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