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#1. Air presses on every object in all directions.

#2. The different forms of mineral are ______.

#3. All these are weather symbols except ______.

#4. For proper functioning of the heart and other organs in the body, we need to ______.

#5. Using of drugs with doctor's prescription is called ______.

#6. Natural gas can be use for ______.

#7. All these are consequences of irresponsible sexual behaviour except one.

#8. One of the characteristics of living is the ability to ______.

#9. The three types of maintenance are corrective, preventive and ______

#10. The rainbow is a seen when rays of sunlight are bent on tiny droplets.

#11. The following are marketing strategies in selling doormats except ______.

#12. Doormats can be made from fibres of coconut, palm and rafia trees as well as ______.

#13. Combination of T - square and set square can be used to draw vertical lines and ______.

#14. The blood vessel that takes blood from the body to the heart is ______.

#15. A mixture of red and green lights gives ______

#16. Which of the following is not a characteristics of living things?

#17. Predictive, preventive and ______ are the three types of maintenance.

#18. The following are uses of dam in our country except ______.

#19. In human reproductive system, the union of an ovum and a sperm is called ______.

#20. An example of water project in Nigeria is ______.



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