Basic Science and Technology Upper Primary Quiz Part 5



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#1. People who take drugs without doctor's prescription are said to be ______.

#2. The chemical symbol of water is ______.

#3. The union of an ovum and sperm is called ______.

#4. The force that attracts things to the surface of the earth is called ______.

#5. Drugs used in hospital are produced by ______.

#6. The properties of air are the following except ______.

#7. The following are examples of Dams in Nigeria except ______.

#8. Which of the following is called the earth satellite?

#9. One of the natural drugs is ______.

#10. Drug can be grouped into two, they are ______ and ______.

#11. Rotation of the earth causes ______.

#12. Another name for gravitation force is called ______.

#13. An example of water projects in Nigeria is ______.

#14. In reproductive system,, the female gamate is called ______.

#15. The symbol of an arrow in weather recording means ______.

#16. A person trained to prepare and dispense drug is called ______.

#17. ______ is used to measure the amount of rainfall.

#18. One of the characteristics of living things is the ability to ______.

#19. The following are examples of water projects except ______.

#20. The process of keeping our properties in good condition is called ______.



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