English Studies – Lexis (Antonyms) Quizzes NCEE 1


NCEE English Studies – Lexis 

ANTONYMS – Choose from the options, the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word or expression in CAPITAL LETTER. 

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#1. An ENORMOUS creature crossed the road.

#2. Everyone left the party at DAWN so as to get home early.

#3. We need to CREATE another website.

#4. My friends PRAISE me for not paying them a visit since last year.

#5. Yetunde is TIMID on the contrary her sister is very __________.

#6. The former principal was LENIENT with the students.

#7. John is a HABITUAL late comer.

#8. Amina is quite INQUISITIVE.

#9. The apple is FRESH.

#10. John PLEADED with her friend to accompany her to the party.

#11. The baby has a SMOOTH skin.

#12. She OFTEN visits her mother during holidays.

#13. Matthew is always CALM in the face of danger.

#14. The little boy SPENT all the his parents left for him.

#15. The family has MOVED OUT OF Yola.

#16. Bola is very GENEROUS but her brother is __________.

#17. The boys ADMITTED the accusation before the crowd.

#18. Kunle is an INDUSTRIOUS student.

#19. She REJECTED the gift from her father.

#20. The malaria attack made the baby FEEBLE.

#21. Our rooms are OCCUPIED right now.

#22. The investigating officer CONCEALED his identity.

#23. Tolu is a very PRETTY girl.

#24. Our classroom was very ORDERLY at breaktime.

#25. Mary was GLAD that she arrived home.

#26. The baby has a WRINKLED skin.

#27. The students ASSEMBLED in the school hall.

#28. The teacher told the pupils that the assignment was COMPULSORY.

#29. The official chose the students by RANDOM selection.

#30. The patient's condition WORSENS by the day.

#31. Ibrahim looked INTOXICATED after the fight.

#32. Many people knew I was AWARE of the theft.

#33. Anne decorated her sitting room with NATURAL flowers.

#34. We were given a CORDIAL welcome by Peter.

#35. Biodun is LAZY while her brother is

#36. Our school team LOST to the visiting team.

#37. The head teacher commented the boy for being HONEST.

#38. The mad man was knocked down by a RECKLESS driver.

#39. The head boy was rewarded for his PUNCTUALITY.

#40. The street was DESERTED after the robbery incident.

#41. The pupils were BOLD when they spoke to the headmaster.

#42. The man was found GUILT of the offense.

#43. The former principal was STRICT with the students.

#44. The matron was FAIR in handling the matter.

#45. Tunji's performance in the competition is beyond ORDINARY. It is really __________.

#46. The study of religion is COMPULSORY in our school.

#47. The girl was asked to pick up an EMPTY bottle from the stone.

#48. We went into the hall through the EXIT.

#49. I BELIEVE whatever my brother tells me.

#50. Our classroom is very ROWDY.



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