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NCEE National Values Education 

Most Adults Can’t Pass This National Common Entrance Quiz — Can You?

This quiz covers the following subjects –

  1. Civic Education
  2. Security Education
  3. Social Studies

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#1. The following are characteristics of a nation except common

#2. The senate in Nigeria consists of ______ members.

#3. Which of the following is not an example of a crime prevention measure?

#4. A citizen of Nigeria that resides in another country is called a/an

#5. In Nigeria, ethnic crises can be reduced through

#6. A natural source of water is ______.

#7. Values are maintained in the society to promote ______.

#8. Which of the following is not an element of culture?

#9. The portrait that appears on the two hundred naira note is that of ______.

#10. Social Studies deals with man and his

#11. An example of loyal service to the nation is

#12. Which of the following can lead to drug abuse?

#13. Division of labour promotes ______.

#14. The nuclear family consists of ______.

#15. Air and water are said to be ______ when harmful things get into them.

#16. Nigeria is divided into ______ geographical zones.

#17. Which of the following security outfits is community based?

#18. Which of the following is healthy for consumption?

#19. A sudden event that happens unexpected causing injury and damage is a/an

#20. Which of the following ethnic groups occupy the South - Eastern?

#21. Reporting any suspicious person to law enforcement agents is a sign of security

#22. The aeroplane's final stopping point is the ______.

#23. Which of the following is considered as possible value?

#24. The existence of various cultures within a society is cultural ______.

#25. Cultural diversity means ______ in belief.

#26. The method of preserving things for future use is known as ______.

#27. Your mother's sister is your ______.

#28. The Nigeria Coat of Arm symbolizes ______.

#29. The costus spectabilis on the Nigeria Coat of Arm represents ______.

#30. Which of the following can lead to insecurity in our homes?

#31. Community relationship can be promoted by ______.

#32. The legally approved union between a man and a woman is called ______.

#33. To be faithful and honest is a phrase in the Nigeria National ______.

#34. The official language in Nigeria is ______.

#35. The aspect of the society that deals with faith and belief is

#36. Personal security can be enhanced by ______.

#37. The annual fishing festival in Northern Nigeria holds in

#38. Children's Day Celebration takes place on ______ of every year.

#39. Which of the following is not a communication device?

#40. Which of the following voluntary organisations is religion based?

#41. Civic Education helps pupils to

#42. Which of the following is a traditional symbol?

#43. Which of the following sources of water is man-made?

#44. For a nation to be great, ______ must be discouraged.

#45. Taking drugs without a doctor's prescription is drug

#46. The injury of the skill caused by boiled water is called

#47. Nigeria become a republic in ______.

#48. River Niger and Benue meet at ______.

#49. The following items can be found in a first aid box except ______.

#50. The total ways of life of a group of people is




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