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NCEE English Studies – Structure 

Complete each of the following statements with the most appropriate options 

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#1. The hen _______ five eggs.

#2. It is time we _______ for home.

#3. He occasionally _______ the orphanage.

#4. Each of the girls was given a _______ of chocolate.

#5. Which of these is a consonant symbols?

#6. The two kittens played with

#7. My dad bought a pair of _______ shoes for me.

#8. Kikelomo said _______ buses over there belonged to her uncle.

#9. Mary is taller than _______.

#10. My bag is _______ than yours.

#11. Ibrahim was sick, so ________ visited the clinic for treatment.

#12. Which of these prefixes can be added to "proper" to form a new word?

#13. Which of these suffixes can be added to "success" to form a new word?

#14. Aisha ________ the piano every week.

#15. He is the ________ of the two brothers.

#16. All the ________ is my kitchen are blunt.

#17. Ada is the captain of her team, ________ she?

#18. Which of the following words contain the /ʊ/ sound?

#19. The farmer stored his hay ________ a barn.

#20. The prefix ________ will combine with the form "agree" to form a new word.

#21. My son took a ________ of the burning house.

#22. The books on the table belong to Ade and Olu. They are

#23. Mother said, "Do not put all your eggs in one basket". This means that we should

#24. The deceased's children are fighting ________ their father's property.

#25. Direct Speech: "I'm travelling by rail,“ she said. Indirect Speech: She said that she ________ by rail.

#26. Peter will always remember his ________ day.

#27. Which of the following suffixes can be combined with the word "season" to form a new word.

#28. He likes drama, ________ he?

#29. The teachers ________ in the staff room when we arrived.

#30. She doesn't plait her hair on Sundays, ________ she?

#31. Grace ________ some mangoes from the market yesterday.

#32. This is the man from ________ we bought the apples.

#33. My father has a ________ of cars.

#34. Active Voice: Michael saw a big snake. Passive Voice: A big snake ________ by Michael.

#35. He either works in Lagos ________ Jos.

#36. Mathematics is an easy subject, ________ it?

#37. He has been driving the car ________ five hours now.

#38. The doctor said her condition required a ________.

#39. If one works for a long time, ________ will be tired.

#40. The boy had passed the entrance examination, so he invited for an ________.






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