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NCEE English Studies – Lexis 

SYNONYMS – Choose from the options, the one that is nearest meaning to the word or expression in CAPITAL LETTER. 

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#1. He ASSISTED me in lifting the heavy load.

#2. I am ANXIOUS to see my result.

#3. The head teacher told us to note the IMPORTANT points.

#4. Kemi was LEGALLY married to Segun.

#5. The pupils were asked to clean up their FILTHY toilet.

#6. The room was UNTIDY.

#7. It was such a REPULSIVE sight.

#8. I am happy to hear that you have now decided to RESOLVE your dispute.

#9. The police arrested the man for selling FAKE drugs.

#10. John will be ENGAGED at 4 O'clock, so he won't be able to see you.

#11. The little boy ABANDONED his school bag.

#12. The headmaster has PERMITTED me to go home.

#13. The poor man was EXHAUSTED after walking a very long distance.

#14. She CONSTANTLY stayed back to help her grandmother.

#15. We GLANCED at the beautiful girl repeatedly.

#16. The arrest of Mr. Toye by police was DELIBERATE.

#17. The man is SLUGGISH.

#18. The captain COMPELLED his team to play in rain.

#19. I don't really like TIMID people.

#20. The baby was ABANDONED by its mother.

#21. The teachers MONITORED the student's academic performance.

#22. The world is ADVANCING everyday.

#23. The government has decided to make history a MANDATORY subject at the level at all levels of education.

#24. I have read 'Oliver Twist' AGAIN AND AGAIN' without understanding it.

#25. The BRAVE hunter died a mysterious death.

#26. My Alabi is a very FORTUNATE man.

#27. Dayo is a very INQUISITIVE student.

#28. Only pupils who were HEALTHY enrolled in the sporting program.

#29. Ladipo has been SELECTED to represent his class in the debate.

#30. This class is UNCLEAN, we cannot have our lesson here.

#31. Ade lives with his parents in the RURAL area.

#32. I am READY to work hard if you will let me.

#33. The boy is very SHY.

#34. To be an engineer, you must have the ZEAL for machine.

#35. Ali SAVED UP some money for a holiday trip to Lagos.

#36. The hunter retired to his ABODE at the end of day.

#37. I BORROWED this ruler from her.

#38. The girls asked for SLICE of bread.

#39. The pupils were given ENOUGH examples.

#40. My brother was absent from school because he was INDISPOSED.

#41. John did not come to school because he was ILL.

#42. The pupils were punished for being NAUGHTY.

#43. Aisha was so ENTHUSIASTIC to witness the show.

#44. I am going this afternoon to MEND my shoes.

#45. Duduke has everything he needs so he couldn't GRUMBLE at all.

#46. The boy WANDERED far into the forest.

#47. Olu visits us OFTEN.

#48. The boy's MOTIVE for killing the goat is wrong.

#49. The issue is COMPLICATED, you need to be patient.

#50. The kind of lady welcome her guests in a COURTEOUS way.






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