Physical and Health Education – Meaning and Types of Movements Upper Primary Quizzes



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#1. non locomotive movements are often combined with ________ movements, such as walking and swinging your arms.

#2. Moving up and down on one foot is known as ________.

#3. Which of these movements is bending?

#4. ________ are movements of body from one place to another.

#5. Which of the following is NOT a locomotor skill?

#6. ________ movements are also sometimes called axial movements.

#7. Which of these movements is jumping?

#8. There are ________ types of movement.

#9. ________ locomotive movement is slow.

#10. ________ is the movement back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis.

#11. ________ locomotive is the movement through water.

#12. Skipping rope is used for ________ locomotive movement.

#13. ________  locomotive movement involves moving your body upward from the ground.

#14. The following are non locomotive movements except ________.

#15. Which of these is skipping?

#16. Which of these movements is stretching?

#17. Non locomotive movements are also sometimes called ________.

#18. Which of these is NOT is non locomotive movement?

#19. ________ means changing locations or positions.

#20. ________ is a sideway movement where the lead foot takes one step to the side.




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