Physical and Health Education – Middle Distance Race and 4 x 100 m Upper Primary Quizzes



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#1. There are ________ types of baton exchange.

#2. ________ is a sprint relay with four runners.

#3. __________ is the arms and hands are carried lower and the heels touching the ground.

#4. __________ is  the runners assume the standing position following the command - "on your marks" and the "go".

#5. ________ is a short stick or tube passed from runner to runner in a relay race.

#6. Race is the contest or competition of ______.

#7. _______ is the contest or competition of speed.

#8. Race is the _______ of speed.

#9. The marking - out of the race thereby signifying the end of the race is known as __________.

#10. __________ stride is natural and the race is slower than that in the sprint.

#11. Middle distance race covers __________ and __________ metres track events.

#12. The race that is longer than short distance races is called __________.

#13. 4 x 100 relay, also called the ________ relay.

#14. In relay race, each member runs ________ distance.

#15. In a relay race, ________ passed from one runner to another.

#16. The short distance race is known as __________.

#17. The command received before starting the race is __________.

#18. In relay race, each runner runs approximately ________ before handing off a baton to the next runner.

#19. __________ is the actual running of the race.

#20. Middle distance races are track races __________ than __________ distance races.





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