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#1. A citizen of another country is regarded as a _______.

#2. Who is a drug addict?

#3. Division of labour encourages the following except _______.

#4. AIDS means _______.

#5. _______ are the wealth which are found in our country. 

#6. A situation whereby people stop worrying when demand is not being met is called _______.

#7. Full meaning of INEC is _______.

#8. The first primary school in Nigeria is situated in _______.

#9. Husband and wife can be referred to as _______.

#10. An agency responsible for children welfare and education throughout world is _______.

#11. Which of these drugs is not obtained from nature?

#12. Which type of the family life was practised in Nigeria before the European came?

#13. Denial of someone's right because the person is a male or female is regarded as _______.

#14. A situation whereby able and willing people do not get job to do is known as

#15. The following are natural resources except

#16. _______ is the movement of goods from one country to another.

#17. Irregular payment and poor condition of service can be to _______.

#18. _______ are the goods that come into our country.

#19. All of the goods in Nigeria are made in Nigeria only.

#20. Conflict means _______.

#21. An association formed by workers to protect their interests is called

#22. Money paid to a worker on Weekly bases is known as

#23. _______ is the one of the prohibited drugs begin smuggled out of the country.

#24. _______ are activities provided by other people.

#25. One of the solutions to unemployment is _______.

#26. All these are causes of marriage failure except _______.

#27. _______ is work done to earn a living.

#28. PLHWHA means _______.

#29. Barter means _______.

#30. _______ are things that are produced.

#31. _______ occurs when a person does not work full time.

#32. Scarcity of water can be caused by _______.

#33. Which of these diseases can not be contracted through sex?

#34. The document that contains the rules and regulations of a country is known as

#35. _______ are the goods that we sell to other countries.

#36. The highest level of government in Nigeria is the

#37. The two white horses in the Nigeria Coat of Arms represent _______.

#38. Which of the following is a craft work?

#39. May 29th of every year in Nigeria is celebrated as _______.

#40. The full meaning of NDLEA is

#41. One of the problems of unemployment is _______.

#42. One of the reasons why we should value Nigerian - made goods is _______.

#43. All these are problems of unemployment except _______.

#44. Goods brought into Nigeria from another country is known as _______.






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