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#1. Poor health can affect the labour force in the following way except _____.

#2. The _______ must seek their parent's and elders' advice before getting married.

#3. All these are good qualities of a leader except _____.

#4. The human effort employed in the production of goods and services is called _____.

#5. A piece of land surrounded by water is called a/an _____.

#6. Nigeria is running a _____ government.

#7. The goods produced and sold to other countries are known as _______.

#8. _______ is the nearest government to the people of Nigeria.

#9. Labour force of a country is _____.

#10. The type of family practiced in Nigeria before the Europeans came was _____.

#11. A bachelor is _____ man.

#12. Gift from nature are called _____ resources.

#13. The full meaning of STD's is _____.

#14. Marriage between a Yoruba man and Igbo woman is known as _____ ethnic marriage.

#15. The goods that are produced in Nigeria and sold to other countries are known as _____.

#16. Which of these drugs is not obtain from nature?

#17. The major source of revenue for Nigeria is _______.

#18. Why is division of labour necessary in Nigeria?

#19. Who designed the Nigeria flag?

#20. Inter - ethnic marriage promote the following except.

#21. Pre - marital sexual relationship can lead to _____.

#22. The marriage between couples of the same ethnic group is regarded as _______ marriage.

#23. The following are the means of water transportation in Nigeria except.

#24. All the following are aspect culture except _____.

#25. The first story building in Nigeria was built in _____.

#26. AIDS is a disease which can be contacted through _______.

#27. Foreign influence affects Nigeria family in _____.

#28. The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria include _____, _____ and _____.

#29. The green colour in Nigerian flag stands for _______.

#30. The fifty naira bank note contains the picture of the _____ of Nigeria.

#31. The slogan of Lagos State is _____.

#32. Inter marriage helps to promote the following except _____.

#33. Drug of the following is an example of a synthetic drug.

#34. Formal education is been received in the _____.

#35. The sign of Y - shape letter on the Nigeria Coast of Arms represents _____.

#36. The total number of workers in a country is regarded as _____.

#37. Drug can be group into _____ types.

#38. A weekly payment received for works and services alone by a worker is regarded as _______.

#39. What is a spinster?

#40. A citizen of a particular country living in our country is regarded as _____.

#41. Which of the following is not a voluntary organisation in our community?

#42. What is group conflict?

#43. The system of government practiced presently in Nigeria is _____.

#44. Marriage is meant for _____ men and women.

#45. Sexual transmitted disease can lead to _____.

#46. The major source of government revenue in Nigeria is _____.

#47. Marriage performed according to one's custom is known as _______ marriage.

#48. One of the consequences of pre - marital sexual relationship is _____.

#49. National disaster includes the following except _____.

#50. The process of choosing a leader by vote is known as _____.





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