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#1. One of the these is not the causes of erosion.

#2. _______ is the removal top soil by wind.

#3. Erosion increases the soil fertility.

#4. _______ is the washing away of top soil by wind, water and other agent of erosion such as human activities.

#5. Erosion makes the crops to grow well.

#6. Afforestation is cutting down of trees while deforestation is the planting of trees.

#7. Which of the statements is correct?

#8. Erosion is one of the changes around us.

#9. One of these is not the effect of soil erosion.

#10. Human activity is one of the agents of soil erosion.

#11. Human activities like construction works and bush burning can expose the soil to erosion.

#12. In Nigeria, many lives and properties have been save due to erosion problems in many communities.

#13. One of these is not the way to control soil erosion.

#14. Erosion removed the _______.

#15. Wind and water are the major types of erosion.