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#1. Polluted water is ______ for humans, animals and plants.

#2. Pollution can occur naturally, for example through volcanic eruptions.

#3. Pollution is anything that makes our water, land, air and environment ______ and ______ to use.

#4. Putting orange juice into the stream is an example of water pollution.

#5. The harmful substances introduced into the environment are called ______.

#6. Which of these is a water pollutant?

#7. Polluted water is unsafe because it can make us heathy.

#8. One of these is not an effect of water pollution.

#9. Which of these is a good example of water pollution?

#10. The following pollution are caused by nature, the spilling of oil or disposal of household and industrial waste.

#11. Person playing loud music is an example of water pollution.

#12. Pollution leads to the ______ of the air, water, or soil.

#13. One of these is not way of preventing water pollution.

#14. ______ is anything that makes our water dirty and unsafe to drink and use.

#15. ______ is the presence in or introduction into the environment of a something which has harmful or poisonous effects.




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