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#1. All are forms of energy except ______.

#2. The state of matter with definite shape is ______.

#3. The state of matter with indefinite shape is ______.

#4. Elastic ______ energy is the energy stored in an elastic object.

#5. A grinder convert electrical energy to ______ energy.

#6. A running elephant has ______ K.E. than an athlete.

#7. Active listening skill is a technique in communication.

#8. The state of matter with the container’s shape is ______.

#9. ______ energy is the energy that body gas because of its motion.

#10. ______ is the ability to do work.

#11. The point at which a liquid H2O begins to form bubbles is called ______.

#12. ______ Brown discovered Brownian motion.

#13. ______ energy is the energy stored in a body.

#14. Matter particles could be in form of atoms, molecules and ______.

#15. A car engine converts potential energy to ______ energy.