Cultural and Creative Arts Exam Test Quiz Primary 3 Part 1

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Last Updated on August 7, 2021 by Quizzes

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#1. Complete this song:Twinkle, twinkle, little

#2. These are traditional dresses for Yoruba woman except _______.

#3. What is the name of this line "..............."?

#4. The drawing of non living things is __________.

#5. The Yoruba wear __________ fabric to perform during festival.

#6. Identify the cap that belongs to Yoruba tribe.

#7. All these are types of music except __________.

#8. Which of these is a Yoruba cloth?

#9. Brides in the old days wear _______.

#10. A place where art works are kept is called _______.

#11. Which of these is still life drawing?

Select all that apply:

#12. Which of these objects is called a cup?

#13. One of these is a fashion accessory _______.

#14. The person who sings is known as _______.

#15. A man who draws and paint is called _______.




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