NCEE 2021 – Basic Science and Technology Quizzes


Basic Science and Technology Quizzes

This quiz covered the following subjects –

  1. Basic Science
  2. Basic Technology
  3. Computer Studies
  4. Physical and Health Education




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#1. Aeroplane are kept in ______.

#2. A person who installs water system in a building is called

#3. Which of the following is not a modern farm implement?

#4. During cooking, ______ energy is used.

#5. Which of the following pairs is a source of protein?

#6. Which of the following components of physical fitness is essential in dancing?

#7. The disadvantage of using the internet in the society is to

#8. How many change - over arena are there in a 4 x 100m relay race?

#9. The process by which green plants makes their own food in presence of sunlight is called ______.

#10. Animals that feed on plants only are

#11. Tyre is a product of

#12. The study of nature and all the things around is called ______.

#13. The two ends of magnet are known as ______ and ______.

#14. Ctrl + V is used to ______ documents.

#15. How many generations are computers classified into?

#16. The female part of the flower is called ______.

#17. Technology simply means the application of ______ ideas in solving problems.

#18. Which organ is used for tasting?

#19. Which of these is an output device of computer?

#20. The object that can be attracted by a magnet is

#21. Which of the following is an application software?

#22. The skill of heading a ball is used in

#23. The device used to monitor activities in schools, offices and business premises is

#24. An example of a good conductor of electricity is

#25. A swimming competition usually takes place in the

#26. Thermometer is used for measuring

#27. Which of the following is not locomotive movement?

#28. Microsoft Word is an example of ______ software.

#29. The part of cell phone that displays readable information is the

#30. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon, it is

#31. Ctrl + P is used to ______ documents.

#32. Which of the following is used for safe purposes in a workshop?

#33. Which of the following items can be found in a first aid box?

#34. Ctrl + V is used to ______ documents.

#35. Which of the following is not an input device?

#36. Who among the following is regarded as the father of computer?

#37. The following are disadvantages of friction except, it

#38. The system that transports blood round the body is called

#39. Which of the following is not made from rubber?

#40. The game that involves the use of racket is

#41. The following are common IT gadgets except

#42. The bone of the human head is called

#43. Natural rubber is extracted from the ______ of the tree.

#44. The combination of Crlt + S key on computer keyboard is used to ______ documents.

#45. Toes and fingers are examples of ______ joints.

#46. Which of the following is a temporary change?

#47. The male part of a flower is made up of

#48. Which of the following is a non-communicable disease?

#49. Football matches are officiated by ______.

#50. When a car is faulty, the first step is to ______ it.




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