Home Economics Exam Test Quiz Primary 6 Part 1

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#1. The following are maintenance of sewing machine except one.

#2. The following are methods of removing grease stain except one.

#3. Other craft work that can bring income to the family or individual are but one.

#4. Careful planning prevents ______ spending.

#5. The two types of stitches are temporary stitches and ______ stitches.

#6. Adequate maintenance of clothing makes our clothes neat and

#7. The period from conception to birth in woman is called ______ period.

#8. Other ways of caring for clothes are mending, patching and

#9. All of these are importance of income yielding craft except one.

#10. The arrangement made to feed the family adequately is

#11. Parents that are carefree about their children are terms ______ parents.

#12. A state or period when a person is fully grown or developed is called

#13. Household articles that can be made and sold to generate money for the family are called ______ yielding.

#14. The following are advantages of sewing machine except one.

#15. The three types of sewing machines are hand sewing machine, electric sewing machine and ______ sewing.

#16. In welcoming guest all these are required except ______.

#17. We apply ______ to fresh wound.

#18. Timble is worn to protect the ______ when sewing.

#19. Factors that determine wise buying and selling including ______ and ______.

#20. In planning our daily meals, each should contain energy giving, body building and _______.




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